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‘Málaga Mysteries’ is a feast of thirty two short stories set in southern Spain, mainly in the Axarquía, a region in Málaga province in Andalucía.

It is a compilation of 'Andalucían Mysteries' and 'More Andalucían Mysteries' together with new stories.

The stories contain murder, extortion, robbery, obsession, child abuse, identity fraud, people trafficking and other dark subjects, but usually with a light touch and in many cases humour. In some there is a sense of uncertainty and ambiguity as to the actual events. All have a twist in the tail.

The stories themselves are all fictional but many of the events used in the stories are based on actual incidents, some of which happened to, or were witnessed by myself, but once again the stories bear no relation to the factual occasion.  An example of this is the bar in ‘The Vine’, where a local English resident was always given, as a wind-up by the barman, hot milk with her tea, not cold as she wanted. Another example of this is the interplay in the bar between the young barman and the English diner in ‘Happy Families’.

With the exception of such places as Málaga, Torre del Mar, Nerja and Vélez-Málaga, all the village names are fictitious, though some are based on an actual location or even a combination of more than one. As an example of this, the bank and village described in ‘Bank Robbery’ actually exists as portrayed in the story, however the name and location of the village are fictional.

There is one exception to this. In ‘Only a Painting’, Finca El Cerillo near Canillas de Albaida is a real location, and Sue, Gordon, David and Christine are real people. When I outlined the story to them they wanted their actual names to be used. The hotel is as described in the story a first class place in a lovely setting, well worth a visit. To my knowledge however there has never been a body in their pool, or a murder committed on the premises.

All the stories together try to give a picture of the area, from the beaches of the Costa del Sol into the mountainous hinterland. The day to day life, the fiestas and the interplay between the local populace, the ex pat community and the hordes of holidaymakers who together inhabit the region.

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