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DRIVEN BY CONFLICT is is a collection of twenty stories of people involved in conflicts. They include conflicts of many and various kinds, from the domestic to the international.

Some of the stories are bleak, as stories of war and hostilities often are, whilst others are much lighter and even of a humorous nature. Many or them are romances and love stories. The book is not a polemic either for or against war. Rather it shows how easy it is for people to be drawn into situations of conflict, with or without their consent and how humanity can shine through.

The conflicts and wars which are behind the stories range in time from 1000 BC up until the present day. They take place mainly in Europe and the Middle East and the majority are events that involve Great Britain, Spain and Israel, and the hostilities that they were involved in.

For the main part the stories concern not soldiers or combatants but civilians that are caught up in the various conflicts. In many cases they became involved through no desire of fault of their own.










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